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The Plan is pleased to offer you this enhanced online access to your claims and coverage information.  All of your claims information you previously accessed through our old system is now accessible through this enhanced system. In order to use this system you first have to create an account by using the ‘Create Your Account’ link below.  You will be prompted to enter your Group ID (12770), your Member ID (from your Plan ID card), your Group ID (12770 again), first and last name, zip code and date of birth.  You will also be asked to create a user name, a password, provide your email address and select and answer a security question.


Once you have established your account you can view your coverage and claims information by using the ‘Participant Account Login’ link.  Once logged in you can review information on your enrolled coverage, including dependent coverage, and pending or paid claims.  On paid claims you are able to view (and print) copies of Explanations of Benefits for current and prior years for yourself and any covered dependents under age 18.  You will be able to see limited information (Date of Service, Amount Paid, Date Paid) regarding claims on your covered dependents age 18 or older.  Your dependents age 18 or older will need to create their own account in order to be able to see copies of their EOBs.  On pending claims, those which have been received and are in the process of payment, you can see basic information regarding the provider and date of service.  You can also use this link to change your password or the email address registered with the system.


If you have created your account but have forgotten your password you can click on the 'Forgot Your Password' link below to be taken to where you will be asked for information including your Member ID number (from your Plan ID card), Group ID (12770, also on your card) and Date of Birth.  Once you have provided satisfactory answers you will be emailed a new temporary password that will allow you to enter the system at which time you will be required to select a new password.