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Policy Publications

Policy Presentations

February 26, 2013 Presentation by Dr. Claude Pressnell to the Education Committee of the Tennessee  House.
Supporting Student Choice and Opportunity in Higher Education .

Tennessee Higher Education Commission  (THEC)

Tennessee Higher Education Draft Master Plan 2005 - 2010 (1.3Mb - PDF)


TICUA Policy Paper Series - Securing Tennessee's Future

Adult College Student Choice: Individual and Institutional Factors that Influence Students - May 2017

Understanding College Success at TICUA Member Institutions: A Path Analysis of High School Indicators and Demographic Factors by Pell Grant Status - November 2016

A Study of the Best Practices of Colleges and Universities for Veteran Recruitment and Retention: December 2015

Learning from Closed Institutions: Indicators of Risk for Small Private Colleges and Universities - July 2013 (502KB - .PDF)

< style="font-size: 14px;">Perceptions of Preparedness of Novice Teachers from Alternative and Traditional Licensing Programs - November 2013

Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Latino Students in Tennessee's Private 4-Year Institutions - November 2012 (1.3MB - .PDF)

Effects of Financial Aid Differentiation on First-Year Retention in Private Colleges in Tennessee - May 2012 (1.1MB - .PDF)

Examining the Administrative Burden of the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship Program - March 2010 (516KB - .PDF)

Contract Education: Increasing Tennessee's Return on Investment -  November 2008 (1.98MB - .PDF)

Investing in Educational Opportunity: Strengthening Tennessee’s Commitment to Low-Income Students and their Families - November 2006 (2.28MB - .PDF)

Changing Lives: Supporting Opportunity in Tennessee Higher Education - July 2005 (3.34MB - .PDF)

Increasing Educational Capacity in Nursing - December 2003 (207KB - .PDF)

Strategies for Increasing Higher Education Attainment - February 2003 (158KB - .PDF)



 Photo Courtesy of Belmont University