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Legal Notes

Waller is pleased to have partnered with TICUA to bring you this series of Legal Notes.  If you have questions or suggestions for future topics, please contact TICUA President Claude Pressnell or Waller Partner Jeb Gerth.

The opinions expressed in this article are intended for general guidance only. They are not intended as recommendations for specific situations. As always, readers should consult a qualified attorney for specific legal guidance.


Date Title Author(s)
December 2017 Addressing Title IX (and Potentially Title VII) Issues on Campus in a Post-Weinstein World Jeb Gerth and Aron Karabel
June 2017 For International Students and Employees, Enhanced Vetting Could Mean Travel Delays Nora Katz
May 2017

Labor Secretary Alex Acosta Confirmed Just Days Before 100-Day Mark

Jeb Gerth
April 2017

The Developing Title IX Enforcement Landscape in 2017

Doe v. Yale

Title IX Letter to DeVos and Sessions
Jeb Gerth and Aron Karabel
March 2017

February 22 Dear Colleague Letter Withdraws Prior Guidance Addressing Transgender Students

Dear Colleague Letter

Jeb Gerth and Aron Karabel
February 2017 IRS Challenges Ole Miss's Soda and Swoosh Sponsorship Payments Jon Gaston
January 2017 Legal Issues to Watch in 2017 Jeb Gerth and Aron Karabel
December 2016

A Texas Court Temporarily Blocks Implementation of the Department of Labor's Overtime Rule

Texas Court Injunction of DOL Overtime Rules

Waller’s Labor & Employment Practice Group and Higher Ed Team
November 2016 The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Provides Helpful Guidance on a Sticky Disability Accommodation Issue Jeb Gerth and Aron Karabel
October 2016 Provisional Patent Applications: A Cost-Effective Approach for Protecting Innovation Nate Bailey and Nicolo Davidson
September 2016 The NLRB Expands its Jurisdiction to Student Assistants - What are the Implications for Tennessee Schools? Aron Karabel
August 2016 California Considers Limiting Religious Exemptions for Private Colleges and Universities Jeb Gerth
July 2016 The Departmen of Education Releases New Clery Handbook Jeb Gerth
June 2016 The Department of Labor Issues its Final Overtime Rule and Guidance for Higher Education Jeb Gerth
May 2016

Chasing Handbooks: The NLRB Sharpens its Focus on Work Rules Prohibiting Audio and Video Recordings in the Workplace

Aron Karabel
April 2016

New Overtime Regulations: Resources for Institutions

Aron Karabel and Jeb Gerth
March 2016 Update: The Department of Labor Forcasts New Overtime Regulations Will Go Into Effect in 2016 Aron Karabel and Jeb Gerth
February 2016 The EEOC Renews Its Focus on Pay Disparities with Proposed New EEO-1 Reporting Requirements Aron Karabel
January 2016 The 2016 Compliance Horizon: Issues to Watch in the New Year  
December 2015 Campus Speech and Expression in 2015 Jeb Gerth
November 2015

New Guidance from the Department of Education on Managing Student Medical Records Creates More Questions Than Answers

Aron Karabel
October 2015

Recent Kansas Court Decision Reinforces the Importance Holistic Policy Review for Title IX Compliance

Jeb Gerth
September 2015 The NLRB Takes a Pass on the Unionization of Student-Athletes, at Least for Now Aron Karabel
August 2015 Get Ready - New Overtime Regulations Mean More Campus Employees will be eligible for Overtime

Jeb Gerth and Aron Karabel

July 2015 Insulating Your Institution from IRS Attack on Reasonableness of Executive Compensation Jon Gaston
June 2015 Title IX Enforcement is Still a Top Priority - OCR's Renewed Focus on Title IX Coordinators Aron Karabel
May 2015 Legislation Aimed at Curbing Patent Trolls Could Impact Universities Nicolo Davidson
April 2015 New Guidance from the NLRB Provides Additional Insights on its Enforcement Perspective Where Section 7 Rights and Workplace Rules Meet Aron Karabel
March 2015 The Guns on Campuses Debate Invokes Campus Sexual Violence Jeb Gerth
February 2015 Combating Campus Sexual Harassment and Violence: Key Compliance Takeaways from the Summit on Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Jeb Gerth
January 2015 Jeb Gerth and Aron Karabel
December 2014 F-1 Visas: What to Do When International Students Don't Pay Their Tuition Nora Katz
November 2014

Higher Ed’s Response to Ebola, Both Domestically and Abroad

Jeb Gerth and Aron Karabel
October 2014 Ensuring Compliance with VAWA for 2014 Aron Karabel
September 2014 Recent News Out of the University of Illinois Reinforces the Importance of the Details in Employment Offer Letters and Contracts Jeb Gerth
August 2014 Increased Focus on Campus Security and Sexual Violence Remains on Both the Immediate and Distant Horizons Jeb Gerth and Aron Karabel
July 2014 The Washington Redskins Controversy and Potential Issues on Your Campus Todd R. Hambidge
June 2014 Managing Student Health Records - The Intersection Between FERPA and HIPAA Colbey Reagan and Aron Karabel
May 2014 The Government's Continued Focus on Curbing Sexual Assault Violence - Heightened Compliance Standards and Additional Guidance for 2014 Jeb Gerth and Aron Karabel
April 2014 Unionizing Student Athletes: One Opinion, But Many Questions Aron Karabel
March 2014 The Virtues of Adopting an Internal Investigation Protocol Bill Athanas
February 2014 O-1s, J-1s, and B-1s, Oh My? Making Sense of the Immigration Options in Higher Education Vinh Duong and Nora Katz
January 2014 Title IX Enforcement in 2014: Expect Continued Scrutiny of Institutional Efforts to Address Campus Sexual Misconduct Aron Karabel
December 2013 In the Compliance Spotlight: "Unpaid" College Interns Jeb Gerth
November 2013 Helping Employees Understand the ACA Individual Mandate as the Deadline Looms Shannon Goff Kukulka
October 2013 Ensuring Interim Compliance as Campus SaVE Act Takes Effect Jeb Gerth




EEOC v RG GR Harris Funeral Homes

NLRB General Counsel 2015 Advise Memorandum

NLRB decision

Kansas decision

FERPA Dear Colleague Letter - August 2015

NLRB Decision 2016

Tennial v UPS