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Information for Potential Vendors


In June of 2001, TICUA formed a Procurement Program Committee to provide guidance to existing volume purchase agreements and to give direction regarding future agreements.

The Procurement Program Committee has established the following principles to guide their work:

1.      TICUA desires to develop association-based procurement programs that combine the consumer strength of the TICUA membership.  These programs will

  1. lower the price for services and/or goods;
  2. reduce duplicated efforts to secure discounts;
  3. improve the procurement and delivery of services and/or goods.

2.      TICUA seeks to use aggregation of consumers with similar need and circumstance to encourage vendors to recognize the significance of independent higher education in Tennessee by providing desired pricing, service and delivery.

3.      With each agreement, TICUA seeks to secure a lower cost and better delivery than can be obtained by any one of our 34 members.


To aid companies in the application process, the following information is provided about the procurement program:

Application Process (.pdf document)
Action Form (.pdf document)
Proposal Content Recommendations (.pdf document)
Sample Quarterly Report (Excel spreadsheet)

After reading the materials provided above, if you still have questions please call Diane Berty at 615/242-6400 ext. 203.