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TICUA Go Green! Project

Beginning in the spring of 2007, TICUA launched an initiative with 30 of its member campuses to provide training and other beneficial resources to aid our campuses in their efforts to be good environmental stewards.  TICUA Go Green! was created from this effort and will consist of multiple learning opportunities and initiatives over the coming years.

An initial piece to the TICUA Go Green! project was creating a formal relationship with EPA Region 4 to participate in their "College and University Compliance Incentive Initiative."  An innovative agreement was put in place with EPA Region 4 to include "peer-audits" as an approach to environmental education and sustainability. 
The peer-audit environmental component of TICUA Go Green! allows participating colleges and universities to collaborate and help one another in assessing their campus environments, identifying possible ways to further improve the campus environment.  The peer-audit proram is modeled after one set up by the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Pennsylvania (AICUP) and now replicated by TICUA sister associations in NJ, NC, AL, GA, and FL. Training for the peer-auditors occured on June 19-21 with over 90 participants.

The Procurement Committee has approved two contracts to help support environmental compliance activities on all our member campuses.  Southeast Recycling Technologies, Inc. provides excellent discounts for TICUA members. Business & Legal Reports was added to the TICUA Procurement Portfolio in October of 2008 to provide on-line environmental information and training.

TICUA in conjunction with HRP provided regional training events to our member campuses on the topics of RCRA hazardous waste, SPCC rules, and DOT hazardous materials certification training over the summer of 2008. More training will be planned as need arises.

Stay tuned--there is more to come as TICUA goes green.

Procurement Contracts Pertinent To Environmental Stewardship:

Consultants & TICUA Staff Liaison

David B. Losee, Partner, Halloran & Sage, LLP
Tad A. Goetcheus, P. E., HRP Associates, Inc.
Diane Berty, Vice President, TICUA

Signed Agreement:

Agreement with US EPA (.PDF)

Project Press Releases

LMU Commits to EPA's Voluntary Self-Audit Program (July 27, 2007)
Hiwassee Joins "TICUA Go Green!" Project (July 19, 2007)
Cumberland Joins "TICUA Go Green!" Initiative (July 16, 2007)
Rhodes Joins EPA/TICUA Go Green Initiative (July 6, 2007) 
TICUA Partners with EPA to Go Green! (July 5, 2007) 
Southern Adventist University - "Keeping Campus Green" (July 3, 2007) 
EPA Region 4 Signing Ceremony Release (June 25, 2007)


EPA Signing Ceremony, June 25, 2007: Tad Goetcheus, HRP; Susanna Baxter, TICUA Chief Operating Officer; Claude Pressnell, Jr., TICUA President; Jimmy Palmer, EPA Region 4 Administrator; and David Losee, Halloran & Sage.