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Collaborative Services Initiative

TICUA, through its Collaborative Services Initiative, seeks out opportunities to promote programs of collaboration that, absent the Association’s coordination role, would not be developed to the necessary critical mass on a state-wide level. To this end, TICUA supports the following collaborations:

  • Benefit Consortium (TBC)
    • TICUA Benefit Consortium, a health plan created in 2001, for the common purpose of providing quality coverage at stable costs to the member institutions, their faculty and staff.
  • Coalition for Healthy and Safe Campus Communities (CHASCo)
    • CHASCo is a Tennessee organization proactively addressing issues of alcohol, other drugs and violence in order to promote healthy and safe campus environments. We want this website to be a quality, relevant information source as you research alcohol, drug and violence issues and the resources available. We also seek to make CHASCo members aware of ongoing activities within Tennessee's higher education community.
  • Go Green!
    • TICUA Go Green! provides training and other beneficial resources to aid our campuses in their efforts to be good environmental stewards.
  • Named Scholars Program
    • Through the TICUA Named Scholars Program, TICUA partners with statewide corporations in providing scholarship and grant aid to deserving students attending Tennessee's private colleges and universities.
  • Coalition of College Cost Savings (CCCS)
    • CCCS is comprised of non-profit higher education member organizations dedicated specifically to helping private institutions of higher education improve processes, and reduce and contain costs through collaboration.