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Business Continuity, Emergency and Pandemic Preparedness Resources

The following resources are designed to help you navigate your way through various aspects of business continuity which includes emergency response preparedness and pandemic preparations.  Helpful additional information and links are added as they become identified.

Non-TICUA Member Emergency Response Plans


Pandemic Response Resources

July 2016 TN Department of Health Letter Concerning Zika Virus

CDC Guidance for Responses to Influenza for Institutions of Higher Education during the 2009-2010 Academic Year - New guidance from the CDC concerning H1N1 for the 2009-10 academic year

Swine Flu Resources for HIgher Education - a link to a NAICU resource page

American College Health Association Pandemic Influeza Surveillance - a link to the ACHA site tracking flu cases on college campuses

Centers for Disease Control - a link to the CDC's swine flu general resource page.

Swine Flu FAQ - a resource from the University of Kansas

AON Swine Flu Response Resource Site-  AON Corporation is a provider of risk management services. This link connects to a site that provides information about swine flu response.

World Health Organization - a link to the WHO's main page with resources concerning swine flu and other health issues.

A white paper on Pandemic Response, © University Risk Management and Insurance Association, Dec. 2005.

Blueprint for Pandemic Flu Preparedness Planning for Colleges and Universities - Prepared by Gallagher Higher Education Pratice Group, this document has been excerpted and revised with permission by the World Health Organization from their document titled, “WHO checklist for influenza pandemic preparedness planning.”

Tennessee Department of Health - Pandemic Influenza resource site

Flu.gov - a one stop access to US Government swine, avian, and pandemic flu information.

California Department of Public Health - a link to a website that includes tools and information colleges and universities can use if a pandemic occurs, such ways to communicate with students, social distancing strategies, and operational continuity.

Mental Health Guidelines for Response to Pandemics - from Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress

A map reflecting cases of swine flu/H1N1 influenza virus world-wide.

Maps reflecting the reported presence of the swine flu/H1N1 Influenza virus in students, faculty, or staff on higher education campuses in the United States and Canada.